Buglar Doors and Buglar Proofs

We do all sorts of burglar proofing and burglar doors for kinds of doors. For all standard doors we provide swing open burglar doors. For all aluminum sliding doors we also provide sliding burglar doors. All our burglar doors are custom made and are strong. They are built of 25 x25 x1.6mm square tube and 12mm or 10mm round or square bars.

Nowadays it is hard to feel safe in your own home without proper security installed, it has become a vital feature for both home and business owners to have that peace of mind that you, your family and your belongings are safe, and that is exactly what high quality and durable security gates and burglar profing will give you.

Burglar Doors

Burglar doors are among the many quality services we offer to our clients, we make custom burglar doors to fulfill your needs, with custom designs and durable materials that will keep burglars behind bars you can rely on our burglar doors to give you that peace a mind, and keep you safe. 

Burglar Proofing

Another security to have is burglar proofing, Our team of specialists can make custom made burglar bars of the highest quality for any size window, ensuring that unwanted guests won’t make it into your home.

Our team offers excellent customer service and will provide you with advise on any security issues you may want installed on your busines and residential property.

If you would like to know more about our burglar doors and burglar proofing services, you can fill up our contact form and we’ll get back to you or you can call us on 0786089377

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